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Zemvelo , Trace Minerals - 16.2 FL OZ (480ml)

  • Zemvelo
  • Vitamins & Supplement
  • ZEMVELO0028
  • 900.00 gr
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Benefits of Trace Minerals: Trace Minerals optimizes the bio-availability of many minerals and nutrients by providing more than 72+ micro-mineral nutrients required for the body to function optimally from a cellular level. Get the most out of all your supplements by adding vital trace minerals to your health maintenance plan. FILL NUTRITIONAL GAPS FOR COMPLETE HEALTH SUPPORT: 72+ naturally derived trace minerals to help your body function optimally, including supporting heart, immune, metabolic and physical health. OPTIMIZES ENERGY: Replenish your cells necessary micro-minerals to support optimum energy levels, aid with restful sleep, support circulation, stamina and endurance, and reduce feelings of tiredness. MUSCLE, BONE & JOINT SUPPORT: Supports healthy muscle contractions, reduces joint discomfort, aids bone health. AIDS MENTAL CLARITY & MOOD: Replenish micro minerals that support healthy brain function, mental clarity and focus, healthy stress level and mood.

Zemvelo Trace Minerals Features Most modern produce, even organic produce is grown in mineral-deprived soil and then stored and prepared using modern practices that further deplete nutrient content. This makes it very difficult to consume the right amount of essential minerals. Zemvelo Trace Minerals is sourced from an ancient, organic humus bed packed with the nutrients your body needs to support optimal mental and physical function.

Adults: Place 2 teaspoon (10ml)into 6-8 Oz of water or juice as maintanance use more if needed or as recommended by your healthcare professional. Children under 4:consult your physician

Silicon , Silver , Sodium , Titenium , boron , bromide , calcium , chromium , copper , Iron , Gold , tin , Zinc , Thallium

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