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Zemvelo , Blood Sugar Support - 8.3 FL OZ (240 ml)

  • Zemvelo
  • Vitamins & Supplement
  • ZEMVELO003
  • 450.00 gr
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Zemvelo professional grade liquid Ionic Blood Sugar Support mineral concentrate contains a combination of the most important dietary minerals for healthy blood sugar levels. It is specifically formulated to address the mineral requirements that support glucose production to help promote healthy sugar balance for better health and vitality. Blood Sugar Support: Supports healthy and normal glucose levels Supports healthy sugar balance Aids in weight management Helps with managing unhealthy cravings Supports energy levels Are you ready to support your blood sugar levels, help your energy levels and have healthy cravings? Zemvelo Blood Sugar Support can provide the balance you need.

Adults: Place 1/2 teaspoon (2.5ml)into 6-8 OZ of water or juice as maintanance use more if needed or as recommended by your healthcare professional. Children under 4: Consult a physician.

Zinc , Manganese, Chromium Other Ingredients: Reverse Osmosis water, Fulvic Acid, Non-GMO Sorbic Acid

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