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The USA trade show industry represents a substantial component of its economy. Exhibitions and trade shows in the USA are often organized and held together with congresses or conferences. Trade shows in the USA are the meeting point of the respective industry. Generally speaking, conference and congress programs accompanying trade shows in the USA are as important as the trade fair itself. While trade fairs in Europe developed from markets, trade shows in the USA developed from meetings of salesmen traveling about the country. Therefore still nowadays the majority of visitors that attend trade shows in the USA come from their own country or neighboring countries. Trade shows in the USA have been organized as so-called conventions by the trade associates of each respective industry for more than 100 years. Often conventions, or trade shows in the USA with an accompanying program, are staged at different locations. The main focus of trade shows in the USA is to share experiences and meet up with potential customers. Generally, trade shows in the USA are very strict in reference to admission. Only registered trade visitors are permitted access to many specialized trade shows in the USA. The average duration of trade shows in the USA is often shorter than for example in Germany. In contrast to European countries stand building and design tend to be less relevant. However, an essential feature of all trade shows in the USA is an open stand design.



Trade fairs categories include:


• Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery, Horticulture
• Apparel, Fashion, Textiles, Jewelry
The Building, Construction, Real Estate
• Electrical Engineering, Electronics
• Energy
• Engineering, Manufacturing
• Environment
• Food, Beverage, Hospitality
• Furniture, Interior Design
• General
• Health, Beauty, Wellness
• IT, Communications, Multimedia
• Leisure, Hobby, Entertainment
• Medical and Hospital Equipment
• Office, Household, Gifts, Toys
• Printing, Packaging, Graphics
• Science
• Security, Fire Safety Defense
• Services, Retail, Education
• Traffic, Transport, Logistics
• Vitamins, Supplements & Sports Nutrition Products



In this section you see all detailed business sectors for trade shows which can be summarized as trade fairs Health, Beauty, Wellness:
Altogether Expo Database distinguishes between trade shows of more than 20 categories of business sectors such as trade fairs Health, Beauty, Wellness and a total of 160 different detailed business sectors like the business sectors given above as selection for Health, Beauty, Wellness. As a category of business groups has been preselected in the last search step, the choice for detailed business sectors depends on this selection made before. When you have selected a detailed business sector to refine your search of trade fairs Health, Beauty, Wellness, the next search step gives you dates. Here you decide on a year in which you want to find trade fairs of the respective business sector of Health, Beauty, Wellness in the USA. Only years in which there are entries on the Expo Database for the detailed branch of trade fairs Health, Beauty, Wellness in the country chosen, are listed. If trade fairs Health, Beauty, Wellness is not the category in which you wanted to search for trade shows, you can resort to the breadcrumb navigation on top of the site. By clicking the individual "crumbs" you can change quickly between different search levels or return to a former level of the search. Besides the search for trade fairs Health, Beauty, Wellness the footer navigation offers you various other alternatives for search such as the search for international trade shows, trade shows Europe or the search for trade show suppliers worldwide.











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