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Snoreclipse Snoring Solution, Original

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The Hi-Tech Snoring Solution •All Natural, No Strips, No Sprays, No Pills •Durable, Comfortable, Discreet

Snoring is often the result of congestion or constriction of the air passages, which causes the soft tissue in the throat to vibrate during sleep.  Snoreclipse® contains rare earth magnets that apply a constant, comfortable pressure on the nasal septum.  This increases circulation to the nasal area which promotes opening of the airways to help prevent snoring.

Snoreclipse® is made from FDA approved biocompatible material.  This is a durable, high quality medical grade product.

Introducing Snoreclipse, a breakthrough in snoring relief.  Snoreclipse is a medical grade device classified by the FDA as nasal dilator.  This unique product contains rare earth magnets that apply a gentle stimulation to the sensory nerves in the nasal septum. 

This increases circulation and naturally opens the nasal airways to promote relaxed breathing through the nose.  Snoreclipse does naturally what the adhesive strips do mechanically.  Relaxed nasal breathing has proven to be very effective in providing relief from snoring.  Clinical trials have demonstrated that relaxed nasal breathing due to nasal dilation has achieved an 85% success rate in relieving snoring.  Make Snoreclipse your snoring solution and see what a difference a quality sleep can make.

Made in USA


Contains Magnets  Not recommended for individuals fitted with a pacemaker or battery operated device.  Not a cure for sleep apnea.  Small parts - keep out of reach of small children.  

  • Separate the end of the device

  • Place Snoreclipse over the nasal septum

  • Adjust the device to ensure it is comfortably in place.

To clean:  Rinse with water.  Replace every 90 days for maximum efficiency.

All Natural, No Strips, No Sprays, No Pills • Durable, Comfortable, Discreet

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