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Manuka Guard

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Gavin Gear founded ManukaGuard after suffering from acid reflux disease for over 30 years, moving from one ANTACID product to a stronger ANTACID product, then again to a stronger ANTACID product until one day there was not a stronger ANTACID product available. HE WAS OUT OF OPTIONS and desperate for a solution and with his education in the sciences he went to work to create a product. With the help of a childhood friend from New Zealand he learned about manuka honey, immediately flew to that country to study the existing research. This led to the formulation of a liquid that worked. He tells the story of the number of times he threw up because the formulation was too potent!

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  1. Manuka Guard, Medical Grade Nasal Spray - 1.35 Ounces

    Manuka Guard, Medical Grade Nasal Spray - 1.35 Ounces

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