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Royal Natural Products - Apiario Silvestre Green Propolis & Bee Pollen - 30 ml

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Apiario Silvestre Green Propolis & Bee Pollen, 30 ml, Royal Natural Products

Royal Natural Apiario Silvestre Green Propolis and Bee Pollen - with 2 in 1 benefit

  • Glycolic Solution.
  • Non Alcoholic.
  • Quality
  • Made in Brazil.
  • The Perfect gold liquid man health
  • Apiario silvestre + propolis

Precious blend of Green Propolis and Bee Pollen Helps relieve menopausal syndromes. 

Directions: Dilute into 100 mL of water and drink before a meal. 15-40 drops each time, two or three times a day.

Ingredients No. 1 seller in Brazil. Authorized Association Certification (Brazil National Popolis Research Center, University of St. Paul, Brazilian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, various health departments, GMP Certified, USA FDA Registered) Alcohol free, wax free, dry weight 85% high flavonoids content of 7% phenolic substances of 3.5 , rich in a variety of vitamins mineral elements and proteins.

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