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Progressive Labs, Zinc Lozenge - 60 Lozenges

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Highly recommended

Some zinc lozenges are effective and some aren't. The formula that does work and was patented by George Eby took years of testing to determine which combinations worked and which did not. Chelating agents, flavorings, pH and even the compression force used in manufacturing can alter the effects of zinc lozenges. Attempts by other manufacturers to make the lozenges more palatable or even more effective often made them ineffective.

2 lozenges daily. For a short term high-intensity use, take 1 to 2 lozenges every 2-4 hours, dissolving completely in the mouth. Do not exceed 10 lozenges per day or use intense levels for more than 7 days. 


Amount Per Serving


Zinc (as Zinc Acetate Dihydrate)

18.75 mg


Other Ingredients

dextrose, natural peppermint flavor crystals, vegetable lubricant, fumed silica.

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