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Procaps Labs , Fibermucil - Capsules | Digestive Support - 60 Capsules

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Andrew Lessman's FIBERMUCIL is all-natural, 100% pure, encapsulated Psyllium Husk powder from the high-fiber Indian plant Plantago ovata. It contains no additives of any kind and provides an unparalleled natural source of both water-soluble fiber and bulk fiber. It comes in small, easy-to-swallow capsules and there are no colors or flavors, unlike most fiber beverages. Dietary fiber provides a myriad of health benefits and is generally considered the most overlooked component in the American diet. In fact, the unique properties of the soluble fiber in this product can help to maintain and support healthy blood cholesterol levels already in the normal range. It is well established in the scientific literature that daily consumption of healthy soluble fiber, such as that found in FIBERMUCIL, is one of the easiest methods of supporting heart health. Plus, the insoluble (bulk) fiber in this natural product helps to "scour" the digestive tract removing undigested food, debris and other by-products. Fiber also speeds gastrointestinal (GI) transit time (the time it takes for food to pass through you) and as a result can help remove digestive by-products sooner and most importantly, naturally helps to support the "regularity" we all seek. Scientific studies consistently demonstrate the long-term health benefits of a high-fiber diet and it is well established that adequate fiber intake is vital for maintaining the optimal functioning of the digestive system. Moreover, when taken with meals, fiber can also provide a natural feeling of fullness to support most weight-loss plans. FIBERMUCIL also includes lactobacillus sporogenes to help maintain a balance of beneficial flora in your intestines, which supports nutrient absorption and the overall health of the GI tract. Andrew Lessman's FIBERMUCIL provides a convenient and easy-to-swallow source of the vital fiber that is so lacking from our diet, yet is so essential for our good health and regularity.

The natural, fiber-rich contents of this product are gentle, but highly effective. For best results, start gradually and consume with food and with adequate fluid or as directed by a health care professional. This natural product is most effective as part of a healthy, fiber-rich diet and active lifestyle, along with one of Andrew Lessman's multi-vitamin-mineral formulas.

Amount Per Serving.%DV*
Total Carbohydrate1 g<1%
    Dietary Fiber                      1.1 g (1,100 mg)
             Soluble Fiber                      0.9 g (940 mg)
             Insoluble Fiber                   0.2 g (160 mg)
Psyllium, powder (husk)1.3 g
Lactobacillus sporogenes13 Million CFU

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