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Orahealth CankerMelts All-Natural Canker Sore Solution BROWN Formula, 12 Discs (Pack of 2)

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  • $59.99

All new-A slow-dissolving medicated adhering disc Pinpoints treatment only to the sore 2-6 hours pain relief per disc Mild flavor...No medicine taste Includes licorice root extract

Time-Release Adhering Discs

  • Relieves Pain in Minutes
  • Lasts for Hours
  • Soothing Collagen, Not Numbing
  • Works Well with Braces & Dentures

Hyaluronan and bioactive B12 support natural healing*

  • Bioactive B12 supports a healthy mouth lining*
  • Cellulose gum and hyaluronan coat and soothe*
  • Works with braces & dentures
  • Works for sores on the tongue

Hold a disc on or near the sore while the disc slowly dissolves. If held still for two minutes against the sore or teeth or gums the disc will stick, weakly at first and increasing over time. Use as needed for relief and healing. Use each night to speed healing.

Safety Information
Keep out of reach of children under 5 due to risk of choking. If a mouth ulcer lasts more than 14 days, see your dental professional or physician. Store in a dry place.

drug facts

active ingredient

gelatin (collagen) 45% purpose relieves irritation and soothes.

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