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OHM Pharma, Sting Relief & Insect Repellent Spray - 4 oz

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Uses: Temporarily relieves irritation and itching associated with insect bites. Aids in the repelling of insects.

Directions:  Shake 10 times before use. Spray topically as needed or as directed by a health care professional. Avoid contact with eyes.

Active Ingredients (HPUS): Equal amounts of: Apis Mellifica 6X, Arnica Montana 1X, Belladonna 6X, Caladium Seguinum 14X, Calendula Officinalis 2X, Graphites 6X, Ledum Palustre 6X, Pulsatilla 6X, Rhus Toxicodendron 6X, Staphysagria 6X.


Inactive Ingredients: Citronella Oil, Geranium Oil, Isopropyl Alcohol 83%, Mandarin Orange Oil, Pennyroyal Oil, Purified Water, Rosemary Tincture, Siberian Fir Oil, Thuja Cedar Leaf Oil.

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