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Nature's Wonderland, Carbo Lean White Kidney Bean Extract - 500 mg - 60 vegetable capsules

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Nature's Wonderland Premium Vitamins & Dietary Supplements are made from the finest ingredients available, providing you with the best nutritional value. All vitamins and supplements are laboratory tested to meet our strict quality control standards for potency and purity. All products are backed by our Quality Assurance Guarantee!

White Kidney Bean Extract Blocks Carb Calories

  • Limits digestion of starch
  • Support for healthy weight
  • No jitters or caffeine
  • maintain your weight loss goals

"Eating healthy foods and working out have always been enough for me. However, as I've gotten older, it's been harder to keep those extra five pounds off…About three weeks after taking Phase 2…I weighed several pounds less than I usually do." - J.T.

This year let CarboLean™ Phase 2 Carb & Starch Neutralizer help you lower the numbers on your scale and give you the results you're looking for! The all-natural white bean extract helps limit the absorption of dietary carbs.

Persons taking Phase 2 report no irritability or loss of energy - an important advantage when you’re trying to lose weight. Achieve and maintain your weight loss goals - without stimulants or laxatives.

Common use:

Limits the action of the digestive enzymes alpha-amylase, which reduces the absorption of dietary carbs and starches (natural amylase inhibitor).

Suggested directions: As a dietary supplement, take 3 Vcaps before any meal containing complex carbohydrates or starches. NOT TO BE USED BY DIABETICS, HYPOGLYCEMICS, PREGNANT OR LACTATING WOMEN UNLESS RECOMMENDED BY A HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONER.


Carbo Lean White Kidney Bean Extract - 500 mg

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