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Kan Herb Company, Purge Cold Liquid - 2 Ounces

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This formula rekindles Life Fire and eliminates Cold by invigorating Yang,
supplementing Qi, and activating Blood. All together, these ingredients restore the
bodys warmth by expelling pathogenic Cold, and invigorating the vital function of
the Five Organ Networks.

-Eases occasional joint pain and stiffness, swelling and water retention, which is
 worse in cold weather
-Helps relieve occasional weakness with cold, clammy skin, sensation of coldness in
 the lower abdomen, limbs or body
-Eases occasional stomach and intestinal pain, rumbling, and loose stool after
 eating or drinking raw or cold foods and beverages
-Soothes temporary difficult breathing, pain in the head, chest, or limbs when
 exposed to cold air
-Aids in reducing occasional profuse urination in cold environment or after drinking
 cold liquids

Direction of use as a herbal supplement,  take 1-1.5 dropperfuls, 2-4 times daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional.Shake well before every use.

Supplement Facts:


1-1.5 dropperfuls, 2-4 times per day. Shake well before every use.


In Pinyin:
Hu lu ba, Bu gu zhi, Gui zhi, Zhi gan cao, Gan jiang, Bi ba, Wu zhu yu, Rou gui.
In common:
Fenugreek seed, Psoralea fruit, Chinese cinnamon twig, Chinese licorice root
(Honey fried), Dried ginger rhizome, Long pepper fruit, Evodia unripe fruit,
Chinese cinnamon bark.

Water 55%-65%, Alchohol 18%-22%, <2% glycerin.

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