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Herbal Secrets, Konjac Root 2000 Mg - 180 Vegi Capsules

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If you're looking to add glucomannan pills to your diet in order to reap the benefits of konjac fiber, Herbal Secrets Konjac Root is the product to choose. Our glucomannan capsules stand out because they are:- POTENT. Each serving provides 2000 milligrams of konjac root fiber. Just 3 capsules per day is all that is needed to add konjac to your diet. - PURE. Many glucomannan weight loss and bowel support products contain additional ingredients like harsh stimulants that can cause unpleasant side effects. With Herbal Secrets, you get only pure konjac root with no fillers, additional herbs, drugs, caffeine or artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. - SUGAR & SODIUM FREE. Our capsules fit easily into diabetic and heart healthy eating plans.- LOW IN CALORIES. One serving provides just 10 calories, making our supplement ideal for glucomannan weight loss support. Get on the path to accomplishing your health and wellness goals with the help of the best glucomannan root supplement on Amazon. Order Herbal Secrets Konjac Root today to get your bottle of 180 glucomannan capsules.
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Supplement Facts:
Konjac or Amorphophalluskonjac is a flowering plant that grows throughout many parts of Asia. In China, Japan, Taiwan and Korea, konjac root has long been used as a natural medicine and to promote overall health and well-being. Modern day medical scientists have determined that konjac root fiber, also called glucomannan, is an excellent source of dietary fiber. As a result konjac root glucomannan is now commonly used to:

- Suppress appetite, curb cravings for unhealthy foods and reduce the chances of overeating at meals by making the stomach feel fuller for longer

- Supports Cardiovascular Health
- Helps to reduce the rate of glucose absorption
- Promote regular bowel movements


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