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Herbaila, Tapioca Flour - 16 Oz

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THICKENING AGENT – Ground tapioca powder is a healthy flour or cornstarch substitute for your cooking and baking needs
SUPPORTS METABOLISM – High in resistant starch, a type of starch that bypasses digestion and has properties similar to soluble fiber
RICH ENERGY SOURCE – Tapioca starch comes from calorie rich cassava root (yuca) with zero fat and micronutrients calcium & iron
KETO FRIENDLY – Kosher wholefood extract supports many diet regimes, and may be beneficial for healthy weight loss
GREAT FOR DIY COSMETICS – Powder absorbs oils/sebum and promotes natural healing as it penetrates the skin. Add to beauty products, stabilize emulsions, create gel textures, and it helps the delivery of key ingredients to skin.

Herbaila, Tapioca Flour - 16 Oz

Pure Tapioca Powder

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