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Herbaila, Castor Oil - 16 oz

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PREMIUM CASTOR OIL - 16OZ Our all-natural castor oil fortified with vitamin E, and powerful rejuvenating ingredients for complete hair, nail and skin treatment. Rich with powerful antioxidantsand anti-aging properties, this non greasy carrier oil has no build up, leaving skin silky smooth without clogging your pores. Gently moisturizes and softens skin and hair, bringing back its natural shine and glow, and overall youthful appearance. BENEFITS: Stimulates Hair Growth Compatible with All Hair Types Lightweight Formula Scalp Treatment (Dandruff) Full Body Moisturizer All Natural Skin Toner for Complexion Anti-Inflammatory | Antioxidant Vitamin E Fortified FADES AWAY WRINKLES – Increases skin elasticity and fades away wrinkles on the body FULL BODY MOISTURIZER – Gently moisturizes hair and skin while healing through hydration VERSATILE REJUVENATING FORMULA Hypoallergenic body oil for all hair and skin types ANTI ACNE AND ECZEMA – Anti-inflammatory fights acne and eases the effects of eczema RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS – May help increase blood flow and unclogs blocked follicles FULL BODY MASSAGE | AROMATHERAPY Perfect for revitalizing massages and aromatherapy treatment STIMULATES HAIR GROWTH – Moisturizing tonic with no build up, easily absorbed by the hair and skin REJUVENATE, REPLENISH & HEALOur premium castor oil is a great addition to your everyday beauty regiment. With deep healing properties, all natural ingredients, formulated to repair damaged skin and hair, promoting healthy hair growth and silky smooth skin. Adds volume and bounce to your hair, and replenishes your skin and hairs natural glow. Perfect for full body massages and revitalizing aromatherapy treatments

Herbaila, Castor Oil - 16 oz

Herbaila, Castor Oil - 16 oz

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