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Go Nutrients, Iodine Edge High Potency Liquid Drops - 1 oz

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We are a leading brand of alcohol-free, high potency liquid herbal supplements and vitamins. We focus on delivering premium products that are safe and effective. When it comes to your health, we hold ourselves accountable to a higher standard.

Boosting sluggish metabolism and energy levels* Helping to lose weight and feeling better* Improving mental clarity and focus* Elevating body temperature and mood* Supporting healthy immune system*

Did you know that 60% of the iodine in your body is in your thyroid?

And since your thyroid gland controls your metabolism – burn more calories – and iodine influences your thyroid, not getting enough easier-absorbed iodine can result in not having enough support for your focus and memory, energy throughout the day and, yes, weight issues. Among so many other issues.

So you don’t want just any ol’ iodine supplement. You want a Grade A quality, higher-absorbed iodine that natural health doctors and “those in the know” take for their own health.

Go Nutrients’ iodine is created from salt solutions found more than 7,000 feet below the Earth's surface. That’s about as far away from the pollution as you can get! But, nevertheless, it is still tested for radiation by third-party quality control experts. ◦Being that far underground results in 100% “true” alcohol-free nascent iodine, which is recognized by your body as the natural element the thyroid gland produces and so is absorbed easily.

Our process makes sure that every droplet is micro-encapsulated for slow effective release and complete absorption into more cells of your body. ◦Our USA-based facility uses nanotechnology, which extracts the highest potency of iodine from a salt solution that is over 7,000 feet below the surface of the earth. ◦It does not contain any trace of potassium iodide, which is a low grade-less bio-available form of iodine. ◦USP-Grade Kosher Certified Vegetable Glycerin. ◦Has 2,694 mcg per serving. ◦Both GMO and gluten free.


SUGGESTED USE: 6 drops one time a day or as directed by your physician. We recommended starting with a low dosage and increasing gradually.


Iodine (as Nascent Iodine), 2,694 mcg (1796% DV), USP-Grade Kosher Certified Vegetable (vegetarian) Glycerin, Purified Water (pH balanced)

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