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Dr. Valerie Nelson, Pain Away for Joint Pain, Fibromyalgia - 120 Capsules

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Created by Natural Doctor - Helps Fix Pain & Inflammation at Source Instead of Just Covering Symptoms Anti-Inflammatory That Has A Proven Track Record With Over 1,000 Patients Turmeric, Hyaluronic Acid, MSM, Ginger, Boswellia, Bromelia ~ Non Addictive Herbs All Natural - Non-Toxic - Whole Foods & Herbs for Pain, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia Now Larger Size - 120 Capsules - Order Today To Start Feeling Better!Pain Away was developed for Dr. Valerie Nelson, Naturopathic Doctor. It has been used by many satisfied patients who come into the Wellness Center. Most pain medications are very toxic. All ingredients are plant based and natural anti-inflammatory. When you use a natural herbal based pain formulation, it is much different than using an over the counter pain medicine, which tells your brain not to feel the pain. Pain Away helps to fix the problem. It will take a few weeks to feel to full benefit of this product. This product works great with Dr. Valerie Nelson Arnica 1M - see frequently bought together below.

Directions Take 2 capsules daily, as dietary supplements with meals or as direct by health care professional

Ingredients cetyl meriostolate, tumeric, MSM, hyaluronic acid, holy basil leaf, ginger root extract, green tea leaf, boswelia sorreta, bromelain, skullcap, trans-reseratrol, berberine HCI, gleatin, rice powder, vegetable magnesium sterate, silicon dioxide

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