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Cytoplan,Gluten Free Secrets: Book - Book

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In the book Gluten Free Secrets you’ll find all the tools you need for a gluten free life. The book offers background information as well as practical advice on how to manage a gluten free lifestyle.

  • Gluten Free Secrets boasts a wide range of wonderful gluten free recipes for great bread, wraps and cakes as well as lunch and dinner dishes. The majority of the recipes are also without dairy, sugar and yeast. The few recipes that include these ingredients all suggest alternatives.
  • The author of the book is Anette Harbech Olesen who has studied diet and nutrition in Denmark as well as the USA. She blogs about food and health issues and has published a number of books in Danish on subjects such as healthy fats, cancer and food. Gluten-Free Secrets is Anettes ninth book and her first in English.
  • The book is co-authored by Lone Bendtsen who has been baking gluten-free bread professionally for years and is currently managing an organic bakery in Denmark. “In this book, you’ll therefore find my best recipes and tips for a gluten-free lifestyle but also some brief background notes and facts on how large an impact gluten may have on our digestive balance and health. Most recipes in this book are without yeast, cow's milk, dairy products and sugar.
  • There are a few exceptions to the rule, however, in cases when the final result is improved by adding a little butter or cultured dairy products. In these recipes, we've always included suggestions for alternative ingredients. In the back of the book, you will also find recipes for egg substitute and homemade almond milk." Anette Harbech Olesen


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