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Cheeky Monkey Foods Tomato Garlic Dipping Oil (Spicy) - 12 oz

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This Fine Food Accessory was originally created as a dip (a very, very good dip). However, its phenomenal deliciousness has led our customers to try and put it on everything (when you taste it, you'll see why). Every week excited returning customers have told us of their latest successful experiments in taste-elation: "I roasted potatoes in it"; "I put it in an omelet"; "I put it in ground beef and made burgers"; "I put it on my boyfriend" !

The Spicy version of this garlicky treat has a well-balanced kick, which is preferred by slightly over half of our customers.

Upon first trying our Tomato Garlic Dipping Oils we suggest that you dip some good bread in your newly acquired (and previously shaken, preferably like a monkey) dipping oil and contemplate what you might do with it next.  * Now, assuming that you are a creature of moderate habits, and not currently surrounded by hungry friends, you will subsequently have a good quantity left in the fridge.  

If you are of a carnivorous bent, we recommend using some as a marinade for any kind of meat (it also works well as a baste for the grill).  If you are more of a veggie fan, try roasting vegetables coated with it (Brussels Sprouts are in season) or using it as a dressing for salads or sandwiches. You can also stir it into pasta, as you would a pesto (great hot or cold). Since it's a pretty color, you can also use it for artful drizzling. * Some people just dip bread in it, others put it on almost everything (up to and including each other).

Our Tomato Garlic Dipping Oil is made with fresh, all natural, ingredients. This makes it super-yummy but also means that it must be refrigerated. Because of this, we only ship USPS Priority Mail and will not ship on Fridays,Saturdays and Sunday, only the day has good weather , to ensure your order will not be damaged.

Bread's Best Buddy (guaranteed to drive you dippy)

  • Magnificent Marinade (great for all kinds of meat)
  • Pasta Perfecter (use it like a pesto)
  • Extraordinary Sandwich Dressing
  • Add to Grilled Anything!

Shipped Frozen, Should be refrigerated as soon as arrives. ( for the best result of taste )


Hunger miss the good products, have this with your great meals.

Tomatoes, soybean oil, water, olive oil, evaporated cane juice, garlic, red wine, salt, vinegar, spices

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