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Boo Boo Buddy - Reusable Cold Pack Garden Creatures Design Butterfly (Pack of 2)

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Boo Boo Buddy Cold Pack ithreats the minor bumps, scrapes, bruises, stings, insect bites, vaccination, headaches and fever kids commonly get. It numbs pain at freezing temperatures and gives smiles with colorful designs and a friendly butterfly.It provides immediate comfort and is reusable, too.

Why You'll Love It: Non-toxic Boo Boo Buddy Cold Pack is made from quality material and remains flexible and soft even at freezing temperatures.

Age: 2 years and up


  • Smooth material remains soft even at cold temperatures
  • Fun character and colors
  • A nontoxic and chemical free way of pain relief
  • Phthalate and PVC free
  • Trusted by health professionals and parents

A chilled Boo Boo Buddy should be applied immediately to bumps, scrapes, minor burns or insect bites, and should be held in place for 5 to 20 minutes. The Boo Boo Buddy should be kept in the freezer between applications. Consult doctor if swelling  or pain persists. For scrapes, wash area with soap and water. To Clean: Wash in soap and water when necessary.


Safety Information
For external use only. always test the temperature before applying to the child's skin. If coolant touches skin, wash area with soap and water. DO NOT MICROWAVE.

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