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Blue Poppy Granule Formulas, Xiao Feng San - 128 grams

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Highly recommended


•Excellent Value
Each bottle contains 128 grams at a price comparable to the standard 100 grams.

•Enhanced Potency
Each formula is decocted with a dual extraction process using both alcohol and water.

•No Starches
We replace inactive starches like maltodextrin with active herb powder.

•Expert Formulation
Skillful processing and adjusted ingredient proportions adapt the formulas for today’s clinicians.

**The product image is for reference only, it will be sold as one single bottle**

General Actions:dispels wind-heatat the surface

Related Formulas:this large formula blends heat clearing and wind dispellingingredients; it shares with Yin Qiao San(Lonicera and Forsythia Formula) the pair of niu bang ziand jing jiefor dispelling wind.

Applications:forinflamed skin, especially wide spread lesions that are itchy.

Dosing of granules:7 grams two times per dayuntilthe disorder is resolved.

Key Herbs:there are many formulas named xiao feng(eliminateor reduce the influence ofwind), and this one follows the prescription recorded in Wai Ke Zheng Zhong. The emphasis of this formula is to treat a condition ofheat dominance:sheng di, shi gao, ku shen,and zhi muclear heatwhilejing jie, fang feng, niu bang zi, chan tui, and di fu zidispel wind.

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