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Avajar, Kakao Perfect V Lifting Little Ryan Mask (Yellow) - 5pcs

  • Avajar
  • Vitamins & Supplement
  • AVAJAR020
  • 140.00 gr
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  • $54.70
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???? V-line LIFTING - Want to have a defined jawline and chin? Avajar’s Perfect V Lifting Premium Mask will help you reduce double chin and lift excessive fat on your face. Even after a single use, you will see the dramatic change!
???? NO PAIN NO GAIN! - If your ears hurt when using the mask, it is actually a proof that the lifting mask is doing its work well! Avajar lifting mask special fabric is physically pull up your chin. You may feel uncomfortable in ear area during the mask application. However, you can expect your v line shape face afterward
???? FOR ALL SKIN TYPES - Avajar’s mask is suitable for all skin types of women and men including sensitive, acne-prone, oily and dry skins, while absolutely safe and gentle. Plus, a high concentrated ampule will give a perfect moisturizing effect on your jaw area.
???? ORGANIC INGREDIENTS - Our mask is quickly and efficiently absorbed into the skin. Made with 100% natural ingredients. No harmful substances included. It contains Caffeine & Glaucine which will help you to improve skin elasticity.
???? EASIER APPLICATION – Super easy to use our mask. Just stretch and hook into your ears. As we used a special texture with a unique shape, the mask works well during any activities. Buy it now and feel your amazing skin!

Avajar, Kakao Perfect V Lifting Little Ryan Mask (Yellow) - 5pcs


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