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Aroma Naturals Candle Ambiance Naturally Blended Pillar 2.5 x 4

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Naturally Blended AROMA NATURALS Pure & Natural Essential Oils Ambiance Orange & Laveder 100% ESSENTIAL OILS PURE PLANT & FLOWER AROMAS 2.5" X 4" pillar Aroma Naturals Our candles are made in small batches to ensure quality and to protect the integrity of each aroma. Our hand-poured Naturally Blended* collection is made of food-grade paraffin and vegetable waxes delivering authentic aromatherapy benefits. Live and celebrate with natural candles that refresh your space.

Authentic Aromatherapy Candles Naturally Blended* enhance your experience, lift your spirits and comfort the mind all while decorating your favorite room or work environment. The blends of essential and natural oils uplift, revitalize, invigorate filling rooms and your mood with brightness and warmth. This carton was printed with Soy/Vegetable based inks. Made in the U.S.A.-Aroma Naturals Pure, Natural & Organic Candles.

e candle is lit to prevent smoking. Avoid drafty areas. Remove outer wrap before lighting. Do not leave unattended! Approx. burn time 50 hours

Naturally Blended These artisan-style handcrafted candles are made of blended food grade quality waxes with blended essential and natural oils. Naturallly Blended* are both functional and therapeutic and are founded on the belief that pure plant and flower aromas enhance well-being. *Authentic Aromatherapy Candles *Essential Oil Blends *Pure Plant & Flower Aromas *Natural Cotton Wicks-No Lead

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