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Anabol Naturals, DHEA - RejuvapleX - 60 Capsules (Unflavored)

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DHEA RejuvapleX for Longevity and Healthy Aging

 DHEA RejuvapleX is a potent pharmaceutical grade formula with 50 mg of DHEA, L-Glutamine and sublingual B12.  DHEA is the body's most abundant naturally occuring chemicals.
DHEA decreases in our body after age 25.  Called the "Fountain of Youth" hormone by many experts, DHEA has been the subject of over 2000 studies and may have numerous positive effects on the body:

    Reduce body fat
    Increase vitality
    Gain muscle mass
    Balance insulin
    Regulate critical body chemicals
    Curb appetite
    Increase IGF-1
    Relieve stress
    Strengthen bones

Please see product label

Please see product label

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