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Advanced Trichology, NutraViv Hair Growth Serum - 50 mL (1 Bottle)

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 START REGROWING LOST HAIR AND SLOW HAIR LOSS IN 6-8 WEEKS or its FREE! Nutraviv is a cutting-edge hair growth serum is designed to block DHT, deliver topical vitamins, essential fatty acids, and essential oils directly to the areas of loss. Are you suffering from diffuse thinning on the top of the scalp? Thinning on the temples or crown? Female or male pattern hair loss? If so, you need to try Nutraviv today!

HAIR REGROWTH TREATMENT FOR MEN AND WOMEN! WITH TOPICAL HERBS AND VITAMINS - WITHOUT CHEMICALS: Nutraviv hair growth serum scalp serum is a completely unique natural formula contains NO Minoxidil, NO Propylene Glycol, No Rogain, and No Harsh Chemicals of any kind. It does contain natural DHT blockers, B vitamins, scalp healing herbs, and essential oil safe for ALL hair types.

DEVELOPED IN TOP USA HAIR LOSS TREATMENTS CENTER: The Advanced Trichology line was developed in our own top-rated hair loss treatment centers. The Nutraviv Topical Scalp Serum has been scientifically tested in our clinics for those who wanted a non-minoxidil alternative that really works. The Nutraviv hair growth serum uses a proprietary formula that has already shown amazing results for women and men.

YOU WILL NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE, HAIR GROWTH PRODUCTS MADE IN USA, QUALITY AND CERTIFIED PURE, MADE OTC cGMP Manufacturer. Independent Testing. cGMP, Free of Gluten, Free of Wheat, and Vegetarian, No Animal Testing. Does NOT weigh your hair down like other formulas. Nutraviv works by blocking DHT, stimulating hair growth by herbs and vitamins, and fights scalp conditions with essential fats


MAXIMUM HAIR GROWTH BENEFITS FOR MALE AND FEMALE PATTERN HAIR LOSS: The Nutraviv is a powerful natural formula was scientifically developed in America’s most effective hair loss Institute for improved hair growth for both Men and Women.

POWERFUL HAIR GROWTH TOPICAL SERUM: The Nutraviv will help block DHT, control scalp inflammation, fight bacteria, the Demodex parasite, fight fungus and encourage enhanced hair growth with topical vitamins and herbs.

Best for Women who: Are losing hair on the top of their scalp and for women who have hair Loss from birth control pills, (PCOS) polycystic ovarian syndrome, post-partum, peri- and post-menopausal, hormone replacement, or age-related thinning.
Is this you? Then get started today!

Best for Men who: Hair Loss occurred after age 17, has a family history of hair loss including men or women with hair loss, and/or hair loss is exclusively on the top scalp in the typical male pattern loss area. Is this you? Then get started today!

SPECIFIC RESULTS AND BENEFITS: Supports Fuller Healthy Hair Growth, DHT Blocker topically, Supports Scalp Health, Ideal for Both Men and Women with Male and Female Hair loss.


Apply 1-2 ml daily to areas of the scalp in areas of hair loss

Purified water, alcohol, glycerin, azelaic acid, black cohosh, pantothenic acid, Japanese green tea extract, aloe, licorice extract, seabuckthorn berry and seed oil, grapefruit seed extract, and niacin.

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