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4Life, Transfer Factor Collagen - 4.2 oz. (2 Pack)

  • 4Life
  • Vitamins & Supplement
  • 4LIFE010
  • 262.50 gr
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  • $132.00
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Main Features
• Provides whole-body, healthy aging support with a refreshing strawberry-mango flavor*
• Helps replenish collagen levels to support healthy joints, muscles, and skin*
• Supports immune system function with 4Life Transfer Factor*
• Improves skin moisture and elasticity*
• Is clinically tested to improve skin hydration, firmness, fine lines, and wrinkles in healthy adults*
• Provides a dermatologist-tested formula
Primary Support: Healthy Aging, Skin Health & Beauty, Muscle, Bone, & Joint Health*
Secondary Support: Immune System, Antioxidant*

Directions for Use
Mix one (1) packet with 8 oz of water.

 Key Ingredients
• Vitamins A, C, and E and biotin
• 4Life® Tri-Factor® Formula—UltraFactor™, OvoFactor®, and NanoFactor®
• Age-Defying Collagen Complex—Hydrolyzed fish collagen, chicken bone broth collagen, and egg shell membrane collagen
• Age-Defying Plant Complex—Wheat (Triticum aesitvum) seed extract and astaxanthin (Haematococcus pluvialis) microalgae extract

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